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The J/80 and J/105

The J/Boats set B Sailing Club apart with a new way to go sailing in Houston. 

B Sailing Club uses the J/80 and J/105 because they are simply the best boats available for easy and exciting day sailing on Galveston Bay. This 26' and 34' sailboat combine the simplicity of a dinghy with the stability of a fixed keel boat and thrilling speed of an asymmetrical spinnaker.



Read what Sailing World and Practical Sailor have to say about the J/80.








The boats sail extremely well in 25 knots of wind and keeps moving pleasantly in light air. Generally sailed with 4 people, they  can be single handed and also sailed comfortably with 2. There is a cabin for the children to duck into if you get caught in adverse weather.

What's different about the J/Boats and why do we think they are so perfect? For one thing, she is a sprit boat, which makes setting and sailing the asymmetrical spinnaker super easy. Two or three people can manage this sail - and the speed it offers is unmatched by any other boat for charter in this size. The roomy cockpit and high boom allow a comfortable ride for skipper and guests. Another factor so important about them - the stability and safety they offer. J Boat's patented construction technique produces a solid vessel above the industry standard; the J/80 is the only sailboat under 30' that is ocean rated. Our members  feel very safe inviting family and friends aboard. I personally oversee maintenance to ensure the cleanest, safest boats available in the Clear Lake/ Houston area. Simple sail controls, excellent speed, and sporty lines round out our list of attractive features on your fleet.

What's the down side? You might get wet slicing through the waves. You might get sunburned because there is no pesky bimini. You will have to wait for your friends who sail a Hunter or Catalina. You may start calling in sick more often. Because you just have to rinse off the boat when you get back to the dock, you still have time for chores around the house. .Then again, you still have time for golf.