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New Sailors

“Ever wondered how you were going to start sailing?”
You have arrived at the solution.

Our mission is to provide a simple way for people interested in sailing to become proficient sailors.

B Sailing Club provides a complete and simple way to learn how to sail, get experience sailing, and enjoy unlimited sailing with family and friends on fast, stable, easy-to-sail boats. 

There is no huge monetary burden of buying a sailboat. There is no boat maintenance. We guide you through the whole process.

Our club provides a cost effective way for new sailors to enjoy the sport. The annual cost of membership easily beats the cost of owning a sailboat or frequent charters. 

As a beginner, you will have unlimited access to me for personal training and practice.  You will be able to skipper these boats safely.  My focus is teaching hands-on, in varying wind and weather conditions. I prepare you to be a competent skipper able to take family and friends sailing.  

Sailing Lesson One:
"If the Bay looks like this—get off !"

The club boats will race in the Wednesday Night Races on the Bay. Racing is a fun way to enjoy some friendly competition, learn more about boat handling. You are invited to sneak out of work and join us. We leave the dock by 5:30pm and are back around 8:30pm.

The fleet has prizes awarded at the Seabrook Beach Club immediately following the races.

Sailing LessonTwo:
“If you can see this anchor—you are too close.”

Helpful links 

  • US Sailing has online lesson resources
  • A basic understanding how a sail works and other great topics.
  • Effective communication is absolutely necessary—half the battle is learning the lingo. Learn the nomenclature (nautical terms and uses)

    Sailing gear is essential:
    Dressing properly is a matter of personal safety. You need proper shoes for good traction, jackets to keep you dry and warm, or shirts to keep you cool and protected from the sun.
    • Gloves, shorts and sunscreen, even lip balm is a good idea.
    • Jewelry is something you do not need to wear.
    • Cotton is the wrong fabric under cold and wet conditions. 
    • Members receive a 40% discount on all Henri-Lloyd gear ordered through BSC. 
    • KO Sailing has expert outfitters to help you.



       Personal training

       for you and

       your family

       or crew.

       Become a

       confident sailor

       with unlimited

       instruction and